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Sunday morning, absolute calm again… but weather forecast said that we can expect west wind around noon.
Racing committee was waiting impatiently to set the racing course in Šibenik’s bay, but just in case one ribb was outside of the bay, waiting for the wind.

Outside of channel wind was picked up almost at exact time how it was predict by weather forecast and race was moved outside of St.Anthony channel, at Jadrija.

12 to 16 knots blowed constantly and till the end of the day only one match left to completed Round Robin. There was 50 percent chance that winner of that mach will won the race, unfortunatly it wasn’t possible to finish that last race before sunset.

On the end winner was declared with only 1% advantage in front the second and third! And the best crew in Šibenik was with leaded by Simon Bertheau on the helm, congratulations!

Complete results are on this link.

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